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Carver Center

    Carver Center Press release for Imagewest George Washington Carver Center To Expand Community Awareness With Marketing Campaign – As local industry expands, historic neighborhoods are shrinking. Preserving Bowling Green’s cultural history before it’s paved over is vital to understanding the city we live in. The George Washington Carver Center has been doing just that for over 70 years.  “The center does not just serve as… Read More »Carver Center

    Refuge BG

      Press release for Imagewest – Published by WBKO REFUGE BG MEETS THE NEEDS OF KENTUCKY’S GROWING REFUGEE POPULATION WITH NEW STAFFING AGENCY BOWLING GREEN, KY. – Hundreds of refugees come to Bowling Green every year looking for opportunity, safety, and a place to heal. In fact, Bowling Green has become the home of 30% of Kentucky’s refugee population. “Arriving in Bowling Green can be the… Read More »Refuge BG

      Signs of Change

        Press release for Imagewest SIGNS OF CHANGE GALLERY SHOW HIGHLIGHTS IMPORTANCE OF EXPRESSION THROUGH PROTEST BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Throughout American history, the Black community has faced endless atrocities. From slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws to a system rife with injustice that perpetuates systematic racism. In 2020, the world watched as a man was pinned to the ground by his neck, and suffocated to… Read More »Signs of Change

        Fading Glory

          Published by Talisman online, 2021 It’s a calm Friday morning at Shipley’s Valor Station. The distinct, stagnant smell of motor oil and rubber permeates the cool, sunlit garage. With the ring of a bell hanging above the entrance to the garage, Terry “Tooter” Shipley quickly and politely hangs up the phone to address the customer, who he and his young helper, Hayden Murphy, both greet… Read More »Fading Glory

          Black Excellence Expo

            Published by Talisman online, 2020 In the Recital Hall of WKU’s Fine Arts Center, the black students of the forensic team sang, spoke and cried. As the students performed, the auditorium rang with powerful messages of black empowerment.  The WKU forensics team held the fifth annual Black Excellence Exposition on Feb. 27. This student-organized event celebrated black history and culture while showcasing the talents of… Read More »Black Excellence Expo


              Published in Talisman Issue 9 Local rock and roll band, El Astronauta, was scheduled to play on March 13 at Rib Lickers, a live music venue in Glasgow. Lead vocalist and bass player Dean Collier was surprised the gig wasn’t canceled.  On March 11, just two days prior, Gov. Andy Beshear made a public announcement warning the people of Kentucky about attending events that involved… Read More »Transpose

              A Joyful Voice

                Published in Talisman Issue 10 Half a century ago, a group of Black WKU students got together for fellowship, and while it wasn’t planned, they started singing. This congregation, which occurred in 1971, resulted in one of the first non-greek Black student organizations.The group was founded only 15 years after the official desegregation of WKU and only a year after the founding of the Black… Read More »A Joyful Voice

                Through The Light

                  Published in Talisman Issue 12 Michael Frohling, head lighting designer for WKU’s Theatre & Dance department, said he became conscious of the ever changing nature of light at a young age. He remembers shadows growing shorter and the late afternoon sunlight transitioning to a golden hue of yellow, the bugs and dust mites dancing in the ephemeral gloom.  “It’s always been one of those things… Read More »Through The Light

                  Deep Sleep

                    Published in Talisman Issue 11 Her mind was racing, she could hear herself talking in her head. Heidi (not her real name) thought that it wasn’t working, she thought she wasn’t being hypnotized. That’s when she realized she couldn’t move. She couldn’t lift her arms or even blink her eyes, Heidi said. She wasn’t afraid, in fact, it was a comfortable feeling, Heidi said.  Heidi… Read More »Deep Sleep