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Below you will find examples of my long-form storytelling and data-journalism, as well as copywriting and creative direction.

Long-form reporting / Narrative

Deep Sleep

A look into the realities of Hypnotherapy

Click the above link to read the full story

Through The Light

How light transforms our experiences and shapes reality

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Old Ways

The story of a dying breed, an old man and his garage

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Journalism Capstone Project

For my Journalism Capstone project I wrote, reported, and designed (from scratch) a data visualization report on the topic of the repatriation of Native American remains that are illegally held by federally funded institutions like universities and museums. A link to download the pdf is here.


Jim Beam Golf

Doe-Anderson – Copy/headlines

This was a fast paced project that was all about nailing the brand voice. Jim Beam has a straight-talking, easy going cadence, and that is what I was aiming for with this work. I like to imagine the Jim Beam brand as a person and ask myself, “how would he say it?” Probably something like this.

Jim Beam Holiday

Doe-Anderson – Copy/headlines

Louisville Zoo – Wild Lights

Doe-Anderson – Creative Direction/Copy/Headlines

Franciscan Health

Creative direction/copy/headlines/layout

General George Stillhouse

Freelance – Creative Direction/copy/headlines

General George Stillhouse is all about their historic and beautiful home, Falls of Rough. The objective of this freelance project was to create a tone that was natural and familiar, while also being informative and highlighting their pride in their product and home. I formulated two distinct headlines from this messaging objective, “The Taste Of Kentucky Pride” and “Farm To Bottle”.

Refuge BG

Imagewest – copy/mission statement

Refuge BG is an amazing organization that does very important work, but when they came to us, their copy did not tell that story. Through a complete overhaul of their website, I re-examined their copy in terms of two distinct audiences. Those in need of their services and potential donors and volunteers. For those in need of their services the messaging strategy was very direct, simple and easy to understand. For the donor audience, all I had to do was highlight how impactful and important this organization was to our growing refugee community in Bowling Green. This was an interesting project because of this dual-audience strategy and I learned a lot from it.